Torrent Captor

Torrent Captor 3.0

It comes as a powerful torrents downloading tool via the BitTorrent protocol

Torrent Captor is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Windows. It uses some of Azureus code and it added some improvements of its own to make for a very light client which performs well and has all the features that most popular and current BitTorrent clients have.

In terms of design, Torrent Captor looks a lot like the previous versions of Azureus, now called Vuze. The user interface is very simple. There is a configuration wizard in three different difficulty levels for all types of users to set the application up. Once configured, adding torrents and playing with the options is a breeze.

In terms of performance, I was surprised when I launched this app for the first time. Torrent Captor used UPnP to automatically forward the necessary ports in my router. I added a torrent and it asked me if I wanted to download all of its contents or just a few files. This is a setting that a lot of people want. After a few seconds, the torrent started downloading and it gained speed pretty fast. It topped my connection's speed for a while and then it went down a little, but it still was downloading fast.

The application has some interesting features. The most important ones for me are UPnP support, the ability to choose to download torrents partially, configurable seeding rules, and a nice scheduler.

José Fernández
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